Solar energy consulting

In doing so we proceed strategically: with a clear concept and measurable objectives. We help to choose best products: solar panels, optimizers, inverters and trackers. We help to calculate efficiency, evaluate warranty and ROI. We are very familiar with these topics from every day activities.

Whether it be solar park, commercial building roof or façade wall – we get to the heart of technical topics and bring your solutions. We do this providing consulting, engineering and project management services.

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Background in Manufacturing

SoliTek is held by the Global BOD Group (GBG), a privately-owned holding company. GBG owns five factories across three industries: PV, ophthalmic lenses, and CD/DVD manufacturing. Founded by Vidmantas Janulevicius in 1998, the group employs approximately 250 people. Find out more.


ISO 9001 for quality of management
ISO 14001 for environmental management
ISO 500001 for energy management


100% renewable energy in Manufacturing

In 2013, when it was built, our factory building was awarded by the German Chamber of Commerce as the most energetically efficient industrial building in Europe. 

Most of our power demand is satisfied by our own patented PV-Geothermal heating and cooling system, which consists of 1MW of Geothermal power and 150kW of PV power.

Due to our use of renewable energy use in manufacturing, we save over 400 tons of C02 from emission each year. That’s the equivalent of planting 2000 trees every year.

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