2019/02/01 / News

The mighty power of the action!

I always admire doers. And I want to consider myself one of them.

One of the recent stories has greatly inspired me, and that was the motivation to sketch a short article.
And the reason was that small country, called Estonia have done 90 MW of solar installations in 2018.
That’s a fact, and people usually think of that :

“- Oh, it’s a big market,”

“-Great opportunities to sell.”

-“Probably there is a government support mechanism etc.”.

But first, I was thinking about – are the people. How has a country with a population of 1.3 mln done more than Norway and Finland together?

They were not sharing much of their plans, success stories, trends, possibilities internationally – people just did that.

Reminds me of hitting the nail in the wood. You take the hammer and start – 1-2-3 hits and its done. But having the tools does not guarantee the result.

This is the feeling I am getting when someone is discussing strategies, methods, possibilities and not taking action at the end. Why loose time for that?

You really need to take a hammer in your hand and hit.

Take action. Reasonable, planned, straightforward. 1-2-3.

And that will leads to a result. I am sure of that.

Take action! Do it!


Andrejs Mlievskis
Regional sales manager, Scandinavia @ Soli TekCells & Modules

P.S. More information about Estonia – https://www.pv-magazine.com/2019/01

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