2018/08/23 / News

SoliTek produced its first solar cells from recycled materials

SoliTek joined “Horizon 2020” 7,8 mln. Eur. value project CABRISS and produced its first solar cells from recycled materials – defected cells and its fragmentations.

Recycling technology of solar cells and modules was created and tested with the contribution of partners from Germany “Loser Cheme”, France’s National Solar Energy Institute CEA-INES and Norway’s Independent Research Organisation SINTEF.

After measuring the parameters and quality of solar cells from recycled materials, substantial quality decline, in comparison to those made in regular way, has not been found. The greatest achievement is that more than 95% solar cells materials – glass, metals, semiconductors and polymers – were successfully repurposed and the effectiveness of solar cells reaches 18% which is close to the dominating numbers in the market.

Solitek R&D executive Julius Denafas states that it is not very easy to obtain the materials: solar modules are made to work in outside conditions for 30 and more years. Therefore to take apart a module and separate firmly laminated layers is a great technological challenge. Working with Europe’s leading laboratories, SoliTek gain a lot knowledge about the influence of materials on the final solar cells’ and modules’ quality.

SoliTek together with its partners are one of the first in Europe to try out circular economy model in solar technologies sector. And the new tested methods will provide an opportunity to produce more ecological products with less greenhouse effect.

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