2018/08/08 / News

SoliTek joined “Horizon 2020” project “Super PV”


SoliTek joined “Super PV” – a project financed by the European Union, the main idea of which is to decrease solar cell price by increasing its effectiveness. Due to innovation and thorough research, solar cell quality was not only improved, but it is also using up even less natural resources and is more sustainable, in that way helping to take one step forward towards a more ecological future.

In order to achieve best results, solar modules’ prototypes were tested in different (including unfavourable) climate conditions to evaluate cost efficiency and demonstrate competitiveness of the proposed solutions. Bifacial panels produce 20% more output than usual ones due to the panel being able to absorb the light reflecting from the roof or sand as well.

Bifacial solar panels is one of the technologies of the future, which will help us increase the benefits to our customers as well as support the environment.

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