2019/06/26 / News

SoliTek and the catamaran called SunChallenger II

SoliTek just started a very interesting cooperation project with Jonas Blanck in Sweden, who is building first of a kind sea catamaran powered by the solar energy. It is called SunChallenger II and is powered by 4 SoliTek Glass-Glass SOLID Pro Framed 300W solar panels. Generating total 1,2 kW on a sunny day. For now, Jonas and the team are testing all the on board electronics & evaluating our solar panels resistance to Baltic humidity and salt. So far so good! By the way, the main Glass-Glass SOLID Pro panel selection criteria for this ship has been high environment factors resistance to sea and relatively low weight.

SunChallenger II will sail 170 km north to Gothenburg from the marina in Bastad. In Gothenburg it is planned 3 meetings – with the Swedish Ocean Research Center (Scoot), a research center at RiSE and the University of Gothenburg, where SunChallenger II will be presented.

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