2018/11/23 / News

PV technology in Dakar 2019

In Dakar 2019, Antanas Juknevičius with an experienced team of engineers is taking a new, perhaps historic step in the history of renewable energy and sports: by installing a new solar panels system with ABB’s energy storage solution on the servicing truck, he will try to compete in the race autonomously, without external power sources. After winning the 12th place in the overall ranking in Dakar 2018 with the CRAFT Bearings team, A. Juknevičius also won the exclusive Eco-Label Award instituted by the race organizers.

Lithuanians managed to win the most ecological team title due to the solar panel system was installed on the roof of the servicing truck. Last year, 80% of CRAFT Bearings’ electric power requirements at bivouacs overnight were satisfied with the use of solar energy accumulated per day, with the inclusion of diesel generators only in the case of a very large number of appliances connected to the workshop. The innovative hybrid energy management system introduced by the latter will allow Antanas’ team to get enough electricity every day from the climatic conditions of the South America to meet the needs of the team for up to two days.

Dakar organizers annually distinguish projects with the Eco-Label award that carry out eco-projects in Dakar. In such a way the car sport (comparatively polluting) representatives are encouraged to take a fresh look at the sustainability of natural resources and contribute to new ways of promoting nature and energy conservation.

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