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Making maximum from solar energy / Dakar rally 2019

Dakar rally 2019 started on the 6th of January in the Peru. This race is the most famous rally event in the world. Every year, organizers create new different track with more dirt, sand and gravel. It is extraordinary challenge not only for drivers, but for all vehicles and mechanisms as well.
Every day drivers has to face aggressive Peru environment with sand dune and ocean beaches. Intensive wind, massive amounts of sand and off-road condition effects car mechanisms. Service team has to experience hard time as well, because there was a lack of infrastructure.

Energy shortage

Huge Dakar Rally problem is shortage of constant energy source. All the team must find their own solutions. The most popular way to receive energy is from old fashioned diesel generators. You can get used to sound pollution (these generators can be very noisy), but clime changes require new solutions. This is the reason why Dakar rally participant Antanas Juknevičius asked SoliTek to find more eco-friendly energy source.

Antanas Juknevičius is a famous rally driver from Lithuania, who last year was the fastest Lithuanian driver and finished the race in 12th position. This driver is open minded person, who loves new opportunities and challenges. After a few conversations with SoliTek, there was found the best way how to solve stable energy problem.

The most efficient mobile systems

SoliTek with partner ABB installed highly efficient solar energy system in the Dakar Rally service truck. You can recognize glass-glass Solid BIFACIAL modules on the Juknevicius truck. Thanks to BIFACIAL solar modules small truck roof could produce up to 25 pct. more solar energy than standard modules. Meanwhile, ABB provided REACT 2 energy storage solution which guaranteed that during night repair there will be no shortage of energy.

The modular solution with a long life and a storage capacity of up to 12 kWh. Meanwhile a frequency converter controls the 3-phase compressor and avoid over limits of the system. Full charged systems can work day-night regime for two days.

What is more, BIFACIAL modules are resistant to any kind effects of the environment. Dust and sand won’t scare them. Even the harsh salt mist or open fire are not able to effect modules’ performance. Such characteristic is ideal for the Dakar Rally environment.

We can’t forget that more energy gives more happiness and more happiness gives more opportunities. Just remember it, then you will be looking to standard and simple solar module.

SoliTek is off grind solution for these people who are looking high effectiveness in extraordinary situations.

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