320/325 W
Polycrystalline Cells
Positive Sorting

You can trust us

All SoliTek products are manufactured at our HQ in Vilnius. We track exactly what happens to each panel at every single step of production. SoliTek offers a 30-year power output guarantee, a 30-year product warranty, and we estimate a 50-year operating lifetime.

Power output warranty

Techniniai duomenys

320/325 W
1988 x 992 x 7,1
32 kg
Cell Configuration
6 x 12
Cell Type
3 mm Tempered Glass + AR Coat
3 mm Tempered Glass
Maximum wind/snow load
2400 Pa / 8000 Pa
Junction Box
Plastic, IP 68

Decorates and Protects the Roof

SOLID panels will generate electricity, decorate the roof and protect it from weathering and damage.

  • Suitable for both pitched and flat roofs
  • Higher yield over 2x longer lifespan
  • Safe, reliable, and beautiful

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How is it installed?

Download the Installation manual or contact us. We will be glad to lend a hand!

Installation Manual

Why Glass-Glass?

8000Pa Mechanical Load
Skaityti daugiau
SOLID solar panels are frameless and use 3mm glass.
With no frame to restrict them, the solar panels are able to flex, adapting to loads of over 800kg/m2 without breaking. That’s the equivalent of 8m of snow.
Shatterproof Glass and Class A Fire Resistance
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In the unlikely case that it should break, laminated, tempered solar glass will not shatter and fall out. It is safe in case of breakage overhead.
Glass solar panels are also very resistant to fire, withstanding temperatures that exceed 1600 degrees C before any part can catch fire.
No Frames, Thin as a Smartphone
Skaityti daugiau
Uniform in colour, transparent, and very thin - that’s the look that frameless SOLID panels are all about.

SOLID panels give a rooftop or facade a modern, all-glass look. Various transparency options allow different functionalities and designs- from terraces to greenhouses, to rooftops.
Lasts a Lifetime
Expected to Serve Twice as Long as Conventional Panels
Skaityti daugiau
The recipe for SOLID glass-glass solar panels allows performance in even the harshest environments. Homogenous materials react to temperature changes in sync, a simpler and more inert composition helps the panel remain unaffected by external factors.

SOLID panels have been rigorously tested in accelerated aging climatic chambers. They displayed stunning results: only a 6% decrease in power output after the equivalent of 50 years in the field.

You need smart panels!

Your clients need optimized panels if…

  • They want to benefit from enhanced fire safety and automatic shutdown
  • They want to benefit from a larger overall power harvest by eliminating effects of shading – even a few shaded cells can reduce the whole system output by up to 30%.
  • They want to track and monitor performance of the system in much higher detail
  • They need to connect the panels into longer strings
SoliTek SOLID panels are compatible with Tigo optimizers which offer these benefits.

Have you considered farms?

SOLID solar panels are effective in ammonia-rich environments such as farms and greenhouses. The agricultural sector loves them since they are resistant to ammonia and do not require special care or treatment to operate efficiently.


Project Design & Development Services

Professional design and development services offered by SoliTek.

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