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Soli Tek is an established Eurupean manufacturer and distributor of PV cells and modules with HQ and production plant in Vilnius, Lithuania. We have developed an advanced brand in the solar energy industry, providing high quality European made products for both private and commercial sectors.

The company combines the most sophisticated technologies with over 18 years of manufacturing experience to produce market-leading products. It has an annual multi-si solar cells production capacity of 67 MW and 50 MW of PV modules and is actively involved in R&D activites.

Our activities start at PV cell manufacture and end at providing our clients with turn-key solutions.



Our headquarters and factory (L.I.G.H.T WING High-tech centre) is the first industrial plant in Central and Eastern Europe which uses geothermal energy for cooling and heating of manufacturing equipment (patented technology). Because of its innovative and energy-efficient technologies, the L.I.G.H.T. WING building was awarded by the German Chamber of Commerce and named the most energy efficient industrial building in Europe of 2013. 

Soli Tek to uses 100% green electricity in its production of solar cells and PV modules, much of which is generated by the 1MW of geothermal and 150kW of Solar power that are installed in the L.I.G.H.T. WING building.

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