SoliTek supplies the Glass/Glass modules for bespoke BIPV projects for domestic, commercial and governmental buildings. According to the request we can design and manage the project until installation. We cooperate with developers, contractors, architects, installers and other subcontractors. Building Integrated PV systems will become an everyday choice in the construction industry within a few years.
SoliTek strives to provide top quality products to the market as well as recommending the best supplementary PV system elements and subcontractors to customers. Production and management quality is ensured by using a number of regulatory procedures. In addition the company is regularly audited by authorised third parties.
After a long-term partnership with German manufacturing equipment supplier Singulus Technologies a mutual Research Laboratory was established and situated in L.I.G.H.T. WING centre, in Vilnius. It is the second largest Singulus R&D laboratory of this type, globally, dedicated to applying PERC (Passivated Emitter Rear Cell) technology to SoliTek multi-si cells.
SoliTek core business goal is to supply clean energy solutions to the energy market. Naturally we are committed to operate in a sustainable manner, with minimal negative impact on the environment. Thanks to L.I.G.H.T. WING centres innovative building technologies and advanced manufacturing equipment, SoliTek provides sustainable results that we are proud of.
Commitment & Teamwork
We are committed to our customers and each other to work in a pragmatic and simple manner. A friendly and enthusiastic atmosphere helps us to make things done faster and well-coordinated. We rely on each other and share the knowledge and experience.
Our new generation SOLID family modules are manufactued to the highest standards of performance, quality, durability and design.
created for energy, designed for you

SoliTek holds a complete production chain from PV cell manufacturing to finished PV module assembly and delivery to the customer. The company specialises in multi-si PV cell (80 MW / year) and Glass/Glass technology PV module (50 MW / year) manufacturing.

Our customer oriented team serves to various customer segments including private residential, commercial and governmental segments. In cooperation with local installers and subcontractors we are able to offer the best solution depending on installation type.

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